Dispatches from the Road, Volume 3

Let's see. . .

Met my sister downtown at the World of Coca-Cola yesterday afternoon. She called me just after the plane arrived at the gate, and we decided to meet downtown once I'd picked up my rental car (gray Pontiac G6 — I'm liking it a lot so far). I found the place without any problem, but she got a little turned around and had to call me again for further directions.

We had a good time, though, especially in the tasting room. Some of the sodas from around the world were pretty good, but there's this one called Beverly that I would avoid at all costs. It's like extra bitter grapefruit juice somehow — bleagh!

For dinner she and I hit the nearest Mellow Mushroom for some pizza — a Mega Veggie (tofu on pizza?) and a Magical Mystery Tour with sausage. It was quite tasty and well worth the, uh, "scenic route" we took to the restaurant. It's really right down the road from her apartment, but she didn't know which shopping plaza it was in, and we drove a little too far, and then when we turned around to come at it from the cross street, we drove too far down that road and had to turn around. I had to tell her which way to turn out of the parking lot to get home. Hmm. Maybe I should've gotten her one of those personal navigator GPS gizmos like TomTom or Garmin for Christmas.

After all that excitement, we went home and watched my DVD of Clerks 2. She hadn't seen it yet, so that was fun.

She's at work now, so I'm enjoying The Price Is Right and updating my iPod. We might hit Night at the Museum at the Mall of Georgia IMAX later on, even though I read a review that said it should be hi-larious but doesn't quite fulfill the promise of the cast/premise. And, somehow she has this aversion to Ben Stiller and his giant monkey ears. But since I saw that stoopid Van Helsing with her a few years ago in NY, I think she owes me, so nyah.

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