The Webernets Can Read My Mind

Yesterday morning, I was annoyed to discover some tacky residue on the cover of a three-ring binder after I peeled off whatever giant stickers Office Max used to list the features of said binder (Uhm, it binds?) and attach it to another binder in a 2-for-1 deal.

I decided that I have had it up to here with gooey residue (I'd just had an unfortunate run-in with that stoopid sticker that comes cemented to the top/sides of every new CD I buy — it left sticky streaks all along the back of my Albert Collins King of the Blues Guitar CD case. Grrr!) and looked around the office for something to clean the binder with.

If I had ever paid attention in chemistry, I would know what common officehold items would cut the adhesive and make it easy to wipe off. Failing that, I tried random items, starting with what's closest to me on my desk (instant hand sanitizer) and widening out to reach the office kitchenette-ette (window cleaner, dish detergent). The dish detergent seemed to work out okay, but it seemed inconvenient.

So, after sending my displeased-with-glue-residue vibes out into the universe, this morning I discover yesterday's Lifehacker How-To Roundup that features last Saturday's post on that very topic: MacGyver Tip: Erase Sticker Gunk with a link to How to Remove Sticker Residue the Easy Way - Just erase it off!

Commenters on Lifehacker seem to endorse WD-40 and dish detergent more than erasers, but I have erasers at my desk. Doing some furious erasing in my seat is less obvious than taking stuff across the room and messing around at the sink. I'm going to have to do some additional experimentation in this area. Further bulletins as events warrant.

However, I was mostly excited that the answer came to me — via the RSS feed to My Yahoo! — before I had to put the amazing powers of Google to work on my behalf. (Although Google did come in handy yesterday when I was insisting that there is a veneral disease that makes your nose fall off. My main proof? A Johnny Depp movie.) Hence my declaration about the mind-reading powers of the Interweb.

Plus, I was thrilled to find my new desktop wallpaper on Lifehacker:

Want it on a t-shirt? Click here.

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  1. Now that I am fully recovered from Diet Dr. Pepper going through my nasal cavity and sinuses, I can say that I think I have had racier conversations at work here than I have at any other work place that was not religious and much more diverse. (Gay man peering down my cleavage all the time?, nothing compared to nose falling off as a result of Syphillis.)