In a Word: Meh.

Let's recap:

Pub Quiz
Sucked. We lost. Although leaving before the scores were announced prevented us from confirming this, it also prevented us from having any further exposure to the annoying (read: successful) team next door, a table full of white dudes (and a few dude-ettes) who, for some reason, take their name from some Chris Rock movie about rappers. Whatever. The most annoying one looked like a reject from some hipster rock band and was wearing a retro Cavs t-shirt, which leads me to topic 2 . . .

The Cavs
Awesome. We won. I did tape the game, which ended just as we were leaving PQ. I started to watch the tape when I got home, but dozed off somewhere in the first quarter, waking up around 3 to the start of the second game of the ESPN double-header. (The Suns and the Clippers? Something like that? I was going to look it up but I got distracted by "Huge Night for Hughes Helps Cavs" and "It's LeBron Night in Bristol." ) I stumbled off to bed, where I hit the snooze button a lot until I finally sucked it up and came to . . .

Bleh. Obviously I don't have anything pressing to do, which is why I'm composing & posting this. I have some freelance stuff that needs to be done. And laundry, because I'm going to Akron this weekend. Maybe I should've stayed home and done chores.

Nah. I would've ended up lounging around making new mix CDs, experimenting with playing my iTunes collection on my laptop over my stereo by using an FM transmitter I had laying around the house — a hand-me-down from my sister once she got a car with an in-dash CD player, it became superfluous when I upgraded to an iTrip and then a Transpod — and watching The Price Is Right. Now that Bob's planning to retire, every episode is precious, people!

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