Celebrinerd vs. Nerdcessory

So, on Ken Jennings - Confessions of a Trivial Mind — which I [heart] for several reasons:

  1. It's Ken Jennings!
  2. His subtitle is also a shout-out to a movie . . . okay, and a book.
  3. He's hi-larious.

(You'll have to see Megan's post on this topic, Trivial Blogdom, for more reasons, because I have to move on . . .)

Where was I? Oh yes.

So I'm reading the "Daysleeper" entry, and he's talking about how Google isn't coming up with any hits for this new term celebrinerd that a writer for Time magazine coined in the review for Brainiac (which arrived promptly from Amazon on September 12th or so, but which I have not had the time or energy to start reading yet — I'll read it in time for Pub Quiz on 10/4) so I figured that I, much like every blog-owning geek who reads his stuff, would quickly post something about the term so we can drive the hits up. Much like the devoted watchers of Stephen Colbert helped him crush the competition and get a bridge named after him. (Sort of, anyway — I think the government found some sort of loopholes to wiggle through.)

At any rate, celebrinerd kind of rolls off the tongue — unlike nerdcessory, which Cathy tried to coin yesterday afternoon when she was sorting the mail and came by to drop off my package of Pilot G-TEC C4 pens:
"Gawd, how many nerdcessories did you order?!"

Only, the way she said it, it came out more like "nerd-sex-ories" and that made us giggle. Because we're 12.

See, I was on a little nerd shopping spree lately, and I thought I'd blogged about it already, but that must have been on my imaginary blog. So here's a little rundown:

  • Two new Myndology notebooks, journal size (to hold all my notes for my different freelance projects)

  • The aforementioned Pilot G-Tec-C4 (which supposedly are not sold in the States, but I found a guy who knows a guy)

This stuff had all been arriving at the office in little dribs and drabs over the past few days, and she thinks my pen fetish and general love for all things office supplies is off-the-charts nerdy anyhow, so hence the nerdcessory crack.


Dear Lev Grossman: I do not think the cover for Brainiac is ugly — nor do I understand what's so great about the cover for Bruce Wagner's Memorial.


Source-Filter: "Doing my part" had the same idea. Check it out.

Also: Cathy says we should add these to the Urban Dictionary and/or create Wikipedia entries. Hmm. Will work on that later.


  1. I don't know (or care) who Lev Grossman is, but I agree that Braniac is ugly and I do rather like Memorial's cover.

  2. There are now wikipedia and urban dictionary pages for celebrinerd, and I have a second post on it at Source-Filter that includes links to my blog, your blog, The Only Winning Move (a friend's blog), the wikipedia entry, and the urban dictionary entry.

    Just thought I'd keep you updated.

  3. Hey Amy!

    How'd you find mine and Noah's entries on this, by the way? My Google search for 'celebrinerd' two hours ago (when I noticed your coment) only turned up the three hits (two for Time, one for Ken's original post).

    Of course, now there are six...

  4. C:
    Lev Grossman wrote the review. And you would like the cover of Memorial — it's all arty and whatnot.

    Thanks for posting it on the boards at KJ:B. I was almost going to de-lurk and post some links, but you beat me to it.

    Why, through the magic of Google Blog Search, of course.

    This is what happens when I have to sit at a desk for 7 hours and yet I only have about 1 hour of actual work . . .

  5. I envy you your job!

    Yes, I need to learn more about Google. I only ever do the elementary-type keyword searches.

  6. By the way, I just noticed that another friend has blogged about celebrinerd. Snowball effect now taking place.

  7. I still contend that this is the best book cover EVER. And I guarantee that the subject has nothing to do with celebrinerds.
    But seriously, special pens from a guy-who-knows-a-guy, purchased on the Internets? With the S&H alone, I could purchase multitudinous Bics.


  8. Hey, Amos!

    I "totally" understand the pen fetish. I went to art school, remember?

    My hubby chews on pens, eew, so he is soo not allowed to use my pens & markers. :P

    Erasable highlighters? Awesome. I like the metallic Sharpies. And the sweet-ass retractables. Neeto. I just checked Sharpie's site. I feel a pen-buying spree coming on.