Afraid to Admit It, But . . .

Okay, because I am totally into American Idol, I was half-tempted to watch Celebrity Duets based on the premise alone. Not that I'm into all of those American Idol rip-offs, but this one seemed different. Now that I found out that David Foster and Little Richard are judges, plus Wayne Brady is the host, I am definitely watching.

First of all, Foster was so mean on Idol last season, so I can't wait to see what he says now. And Little Richard -- crazy! Plus, I've always had a soft spot for Wayne Brady.

If someone knows who Wayne is, they usually mention Who's Line Is It Anyway? or maybe his talk show. But I first saw him on some show on VH1 where he and some other actor/comedian were fake cops and used to pull people over and question them about what they were listening to in their car.

I just looked it up on IMDB because I couldn't remember that the show was called Vinyl Justice. Oh man. That was on in 1998? Time flies.

Anyhow, the Duets show is on tonight. I've already set the VCR, because I'll probably be watching the Indians game and working on one of my freelance projects. I may or may not watch the tape once the game's over -- I was oddly not tired last night, so I stayed up until 3 am. That usually means that I will have a hard time keeping my eyes open past 8:30 tonight, so we'll see.

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  1. Timberlake and American Idol, huh? That's 2 strikes. It's a good thing you're a Kevin Smith fan. That's worth a lot of redemption points.